Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Kinsley has been very good this year so Santa will be more than generous with her stocking.

The Romney children better watch out, they are almost on the naughty list. Today someone unlocked the pantry and made a huge mess. Somehow they don't remember who did it. Last week the same thing happened and Tate had grape jello all over himself and the kitchen but I don't think he is old enough to reach the key. It's a good thing these children are so adorable and loving. I sure Santa will give brownie points for that!

Jada is naughty and nice (half devil/half angel). It depends on the day. (j/k) She is always an angel! I positive she will have a stocking full of goodies and surprises.

Makayla is Santa's little helper. She takes care of all the little angels in the Woolf family and more... Santa better be good to her or he'll have to answer to Grandma.

Scott and Sydney celebrate Mexican Style.
Feliz Navidad Amigo's!

The rest of us got our Christmas gift on March 17th!

Christmas Poems: (click on poem to read)

Cute Poem I was too lazy to re-type these so I decided to scan them and it worked. Enjoy!

Favorite Poem

Unfortunately True!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Grandkids our best gift!

I haven't posted a blog since September and now I'm anxious to blog about the months I've missed.

After our trip to Florida, things slowed down for a few weeks. In mid October I decided to plan a family Halloween party. Ryan says I remind him Clark Griswald (aka Sparky) on Christmas Vacation. I do tend go overboard just a little, but after all it's my grandkids and I'm only trying to create memories. I totally haunted our house with ghouls, pirates, bats, etc., and everyone dressed up, even Ryan who came as Dracula. The kids had a great time and Jada went so far as to say it was the best Halloween Party she's ever been to. That's why I do it, Ryan!

The week before Halloween I also started a Christmas project. A good friend of mine (Betty VanOrden) who has published a book called the "Twelve Days of Christmas" inspired me to try this on my family and I have had so much fun but it has also kept me extremely busy.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner at Nicole's house on the Sunday before Thansgiving so Ryan and I had a very relaxing Thanksgiving Day. We started out with a brunch and then we went to see the movie Australia. I loved this movie, but I should have brought a tissue. I chewed on my straw so I wouldn't start sobbing. The next day us girls took the guys to see twilight. The girls had already seen it on opening night. Ryan liked the movie but he was the only guy that had read the book. The other guys weren't so impressed. I think they are jealous of Edward.

On Friday December 12th I had my 12 Days of Christmas Dinner for all of the adults. I sent everyone home with a tote full of packages and a book full of poems, personal thoughts, and stories that went with each day. I'm hoping it will create a more memoralbe Christmas for them. It was such a relief to finally be finished with the project even though I enjoyed it. Ryan was especially happy to get all the stuff out of our bedroom.

2008 Update:
Since the year is almost over I will report the current status of the Woolf Gang. Ryan and I are currently have six beautiful grandchildren with one on the way. Brandon and Wendy have 3 darling girls (Makayla 13, Jada 8, and Kinsley 9 months). Ben and Nicole are expecting another baby in April and Nicole is still patiently keeping up with ( Kennedy 5, Tate and Tia 3). Scott is still working on his micro-biology degree at Weber State and is actually very excited about school and his field of study. His wife Sydney is very supportive of him and she is working in the ER at MacKay Dee Hospital. They are the typical newly-weds that work so hard that they rarely see each other. As a family we truly have so much to be thankful for expecially at a time when the economy is so weak. We are blessed with all the basics, good health, and more. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that all will be well with you in the coming year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Count down Day 7

Condo Check out time: 10:00 AM
Plane leaves Orlando 5:00 PM
Plane Arrives Salt Lake City 11:00 PM
We are about to encounter one of the longest days ever! Starting with Downtown Disney which is a great place to shop, purchase souvenirs, and eat at unique restaurants. We tried to shop but the kids weren't to happy about it. So we thought they might be interested in Lego land. They were for about 5 minutes. Next stop was Rainforest Cafe, even this wasn't enough to keep them entertained. You'd think we are all on sensory overload and overly exhausted. Our waiter even commented on our lack of enthusiasm. Following lunch we bought our bobbles and trinkets and headed for the airport to wait for 3 hours. Positive note: We finally got a picture of Kennedy and Tia with Snow White. Tate cried for the first few hours of the flight, because the stupid steward made us wake him up to buckle him in for take off. Tate did not like air travel at all. We were all glad to be home and in our own beds. As for our vacation, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

Lego Family we met in Downtown Disney!

Jungle Feast at Rainforest Cafe!

Shopping for gifts at Mickey's!

Lego Land Workshop!

Snow White at the Orlando Airport!

Day 6 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

We slept in, went swimming,and to Planet Hollywood for lunch,then took a nap before we spent our last night at Disneyland. We had special tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party, which was one of our best day's at the park. The tickets for this event had a limit, therefore we were able to enter attractions with out waiting. The Characters dressed in Halloween costumes and gave out tons of candy for Mickey's Trick Or Treat, and the fireworks were spectacular. The girls dressed up in their princess costumes and Tate had a make due football costume. We ate our dinner inside Cinderella's Castle which was a really special treat in-and-of-itself. We surely went out with a bang, leaving the park at 11:30 P.M. on Sept 19th our last visit for this trip.

Day 5 Sea World

Our day at Sea World was fabulous. We attended the whale, dolphin, and sea otter shows. We sat on the second row at Shamu and of course were thoroughly soaked by the end of the show. Tia was a little upset with Shamu after that. Ben bought little stuffed Shamu's and Tia put on her own show while she watched the real Shamu do his thing. We also rode rides and there was literally no waiting time. The kids played on the biggest play ground I've ever seen and enjoyed this as much as anything. I love the pictures of Tate's cotton candy beard. We only have two more days left.

Day 4 Disney Princess Day

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. Today we met and had pictures taken with four of the top princesses at Disney World. Kennedy and Tia were in awe with the entire experience and Tate seemed to have a crush on Bell and also Ariel. Nicole and I bought Kennedy and Tia princess dresses to wear to our dinner at Cinderella's Castle on Friday night. They were on cloud nine and couldn't stop looking in the mirror that night. Another magical day.